Month: January 2017

How to Tie Dye Bed Sheets

The tie-dye look is coming back. People are tie-dying everything from t-shirts to bed sheet. There are ways to learn how to tie dye bed sheets so that they are safe to sleep on and the colors do not fade.

To tie dye sheets the following items are going to be needed:

  • Cotton sheets
  • Standard tie dye kit
  • Rubber bands
  • Disposable gloves
  • Plastic table cloth
  • Clean area to work

dye-bed-sheetBefore beginning the dying process wash and dry the sheets. Do not use fabric softener as this will cause the dye to run. Be the plastic table cloth down on the work area.

Fold the sheet in half in a vertical manner then fold it in half once again. Put some rubber bands two inches apart on the sheet. Then fold the sheet in an accordion fold and put rubber bands every two inches. This will help develop the tie dye pattern.

Put on gloves and follow the direction on the tie dye kit. The kits and the colors are going to vary based on what is included and personal preference. When dying the sheets use the lighter shades first then the darker shades. Be sure to saturate the sheets so that the colors will stay. Allow the sheets to dry overnight and allow the color to sink it.

After this time has passed put the sheets in the bathtub or outside using a hose and rinse the sheet with cold water until the dye stops bleeding. Remove rubber bands as well. Rinse once again until the color no longer bleeds.

Turn the washer machine to the highest possible setting and wash the sheet. Dry them in the cloths dryer. Once the sheets are dry they are ready to put on the bed. These sheets will be unique and a person can have one of a kind sheets.