How to Tie Dye Bed Sheets

The tie-dye look is coming back. People are tie-dying everything from t-shirts to bed sheet. There are ways to learn how to tie dye bed sheets so that they are safe to sleep on and the colors do not fade.

To tie dye sheets the following items are going to be needed:

  • Cotton sheets
  • Standard tie dye kit
  • Rubber bands
  • Disposable gloves
  • Plastic table cloth
  • Clean area to work

dye-bed-sheetBefore beginning the dying process wash and dry the sheets. Do not use fabric softener as this will cause the dye to run. Be the plastic table cloth down on the work area.

Fold the sheet in half in a vertical manner then fold it in half once again. Put some rubber bands two inches apart on the sheet. Then fold the sheet in an accordion fold and put rubber bands every two inches. This will help develop the tie dye pattern.

Put on gloves and follow the direction on the tie dye kit. The kits and the colors are going to vary based on what is included and personal preference. When dying the sheets use the lighter shades first then the darker shades. Be sure to saturate the sheets so that the colors will stay. Allow the sheets to dry overnight and allow the color to sink it.

After this time has passed put the sheets in the bathtub or outside using a hose and rinse the sheet with cold water until the dye stops bleeding. Remove rubber bands as well. Rinse once again until the color no longer bleeds.

Turn the washer machine to the highest possible setting and wash the sheet. Dry them in the cloths dryer. Once the sheets are dry they are ready to put on the bed. These sheets will be unique and a person can have one of a kind sheets.

The Best Affordable Running Watch.

Running watches have greatly evolved over the years to become more than just timing devices. Nowadays, most athletes use sophisticated running watches with location information, alongside GPS features.

In fact, the most basic running watches in this era will map your routes and use the information to project essential metrics such as distance covered and speed In a nutshell, you now don’t have an excuse as a pro athlete or fitness enthusiast, to regress on your goals.

The best part, though, is the fact that you need not fret about burning holes in your pockets thanks to their affordability. The main question therefore is which is the best affordable running watch you can get your hands on – literally? Let’s have a look.

The Best Affordable Running Watch:

Given, you may opt to invest heavily in a premium running watch with all the fancy features such as Bluetooth, in-built maps, and heart rate monitoring just to name a few. However, you can opt for an affordable watch with all the essentials, if you are just making a debut in the running scene.

Indeed, there is no shortage of affordable running watches on the market, but only one can top the list. At just under $100, the Garmin Forerunner 10 is the best affordable running watch currently and for good reason. To start with, it boasts GPS features to calculate the distance traveled pace and speed.

It will even notify you of every mile you hit just to keep you in check as a reminder of your goals. Besides this, you can rely on it to keep you going for extended periods of time thanks to a great battery life of 5 months before you can juice it up again.

To ice the cake, is the watch’s striking aesthetic appeal that also makes it an everyday watch you can sport at the office. In a nutshell, this is the best running watch, offering great bang to the buck. Only few watches combine affordability with practicality as well as the Garmin Forerunner 10 does.

A Range of Different Flea Treatments for Dogs

flea-treatmentFlea treatments will be needed for dogs if you have a dog that enjoys exploring the areas that are both inside and outside the home, as well as a dog that likes spending time with other dogs. There are a wide range of different flea treatments available and each one has a range of different benefits. In this article we will take a look at the different types of flea treatments that are available and will outline the benefits of each one when it used to treat a dog for fleas or other small insects.

A flea collar

This can be an effective form of flea treatment for animals and can be worn on a continual basis, so as to detract fleas and mites. The flea collar has the benefit of being able to work for several months and will therefore be a cost effective solution to the issue. However, this will only really be effective against those that don’t mind wearing collars. Some animals are fine with this, but some animals will not tolerate it and this situation another method will be required.

Oral flea solutions

Flea treatments also come in the form of small pellets that can be placed into the food of the dog. This can be an effective way of treating the issue of small insects such as fleas and also has the added benefit of being active within 30 minutes.

Flea spray

A flea spray solution can be used when an animal is present in a home. The spray solution can be effective against fleas and small insects, as well as any small eggs that are laid. This is a good method to use if you believe that there are fleas within the home. A sprayed area can last for several months and be effective at killing any small insects that are in the area.

Selling Your Old And New Diamonds

If you are going to go and sell an engagement ring, there are a number of different locations that you can bring your used jewelry. If you have pieces that you aren’t wearing anymore, why leave them just lying around when you can earn some extra cash? There are plenty of diamond buyers who would be happy to take those pieces off your hands. What you do with your profits is up to you, if you want to buy more jewelry or spend it on something else, that is a decision for you to decide.Diamond background

There is lots of money to be made by selling diamonds, or to sell an engagement ring, and other pieces. Numerous diamond buyers exist who would be more than happy to take the pieces off your hands. A variety of different diamond buyers are now purchasing more second-hand pieces and choosing to sell those than other pieces they get from wholesaler locations. This is great news for those of us who want to get rid of our old jewelry, take it to a diamond buyers location and get money in exchange for it. You don’t have to hold on to that old engagement ring if you want to go with something newer and fancier, choose to sell diamonds or sell an engagement ring to one of many diamond buyers, and put the money toward something else you would rather have.

Diamond buyers are a plenty, both in the city and online, so you should not have trouble finding a location to begin selling diamonds. Take your items to a pawnbroker, jewelry shop, or other places, to get a fair appraisal done. You will need to get a number of different opinions about your jewelry so that you can have a fair understanding of what it is really worth. With diamonds there is no objective test to determine the wealth, instead you need to shop around with diamond buyers and see what they are willing to give for it. So because it is mostly left up to the opinion of others, you want to make sure that you get a fair one and this means going to a bunch of different locations and asking not just one person.

When you have two, three, four, or more opinions about what your diamonds are worth, then you can gauge better what the general price may be. Make sure you remove the diamond as well from the setting so that the price can be determined to the diamond individually. You shouldn’t have trouble finding someone to appraise your piece, there are many diamond buyers in the business. It doesn’t matter how old your pieces are, if you are done with them and want to make some extra cash, you can bring them to diamond buyers and begin selling diamonds and other old pieces. Don’t think twice about the option to sell an engagement ring, wedding ring, and more. If you aren’t using the pieces then why leave them just lying around? Make some cash from them and put it toward something meaningful.